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I was born on 9 December 1954. I spent my childhood in Varanasi and Nanihal, Uttar Pradesh. I did Master in Fine Arts from Visual Fine Arts, Banaras Hindu University.
My understanding of art was guided by good masters from time to time. Due to lack of family financials, I had to work part-time in a photography studio to meet expenses. There, negative retouch, black and white photograph, color, and photofinishing work were found.

I had to struggle a lot. I used to sketch at the railway station at night and practiced sketching in and around the Ghats of Banaras during Sunday and other holidays. I was impressed by the photography lights of the owner of the photography studio Shri. Dharamveer, whose work was closely resembled to Dutch’s great artist Rembrandt.

I got acquainted with Vincent van Gogh after the great artist Rembrandt because I used textures like him. When I turned my attention to his style, I incorporated his technique into my style in the studio. Both of these great Artists have been ideal from my beginning, although my wo...
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Abdul Hamid is internationally renowned for creating handcrafts with utter delight. The artistic inventions done by Mr. Hamid has surprised the world. From London to Laddakh the art masterpiece of Abdul Hamid has left an everlasting impression People appreciate and call it an art of the most magnificent artworks of modern times.

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My passion for art has always been there and will continue to be. My work is sold or not, No one sees or sees my work, I never cared for it. My daughter and my son like my work. They want people to see my work too and want to put my work on the website by insistence.

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NAME :                                       ABDUL HAMID

DATE OF BIRTH & PLACE :    09TH December 1954, Varanasi

QUALIFICATION :         Master in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) &

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Important message

Dear Art collectors and Buyers, My request to all of you is that when you buy my paintings from different galleries or private collectors please make sure you have an authenticity certificate with my painting duly signed by me. I always give my buyers and collectors an authenticity certificate along with the artwork. If you have any queries regarding this please don't hesitate to contact me.

Unless otherwise noted on the specific page, all information and images displayed on this website are the intellectual property of the artist Abdul Hamid and may not be reproduced in any manner or form without the express written permission of Abdul Hamid. If you have any queries please contact the artist.


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